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Modals "must mustn't needn't" Worksheet
Read the short grammar explanation about the modals "must,mustn't, needen't". 1.Fill in the blanks with "must or mustn't". 2.Fill in the blanks with "mustn't or needen't". 3.Fill in the blanks with "must,mustn't or needn't.
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Traffic Rules  Must Or Mustn't (Obligation And Prohibition) Worksheet
Obligation Must Mustnt Traffic Rules Worksheet 1 icon
Look at the pictures of some traffic signs.Read the sentences and fill in the blanks with "must" or "mustn't.(Talking about obligation and prohibition)
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Can Or Can't Expressing Ability And Inability Modal Verbs Worksheet
A colourful worksheet with plenty of pictures to practise the modal verbs "can and can't".
Fill in the blanks with "can" or "can't to complete the sentences.(Talking about ability and inability)
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